Picture of Big Blue Bus. Source: Flickr user Vaguely Artistic

The Big Blue Bus will be holding a community meeting on campus, at Ackerman Union's Room 3517, Wednesday, March 9.

Big Blue Bus seeks customer feedback on these scheduling and routing changes as part of its 5-year plan.

From their website:

Topics will include:

  • More Rapid 7; less local Route 7: Study results indicate more than half of Pico Blvd. riders are choosing to board Rapid 7 buses over local Route 7 buses. As a result, BBB plans to increase Rapid 7 frequency and extend service to the Metro Red Line (Wilshire at Western), which requires a decrease in local Route 7 service frequency.
  • Convert Express 10 to Rapid 10: Increased street congestion has been slowing this primarily freeway-bound route. To speed this primarily commuter service back up, BBB plans to convert it from a local to a Rapid style service by reducing the number of stops along the route.
  • Goodbye, Route 13?: Ridership has dropped since both Rapid 7 and local Route 7 duplicate most of this service. Due to low demand and high peak hour cost of operation, BBB plans to discontinue this service to support improvements on more popular services.
  • Hello, Expo Light Rail!: When, where and how BBB will interface with this new service will be previewed.