TakeTheTime_BannerThere are roughly 1.7 million rear-end collisions in the U.S. every year. Nearly 2,000 people die in those collisions and another 500,000 are injured.

At UCLA, it's the most frequent type of collision reported, accounting for 37% of all incidents and half of all costs incurred. The main cause is tailgating, according to the California Driver Handbook.

UCLA Transportation is launching its 7th Annual Be Alert Bruins driver safety campaign this month. With the steady increase in rear-end collisions reported in UCLA's auto loss data, this year's campaign is "Take the Time: Rear-End Collisions Happen in Seconds."

Following too closely to the vehicle in front of you prevents drivers from seeing far aheadTakeTheTime_Intimidator to avoid potential hazards. They key strategy against rear-end collisions is to create a safe following distance between your vehicle and the vehicle you are following by using the "4 Second Rule," a technique in which a driver maintains four seconds of distance behind the vehicle up ahead. For faster speeds, an even greater distance needs to be maintained.

Here are examples of driver attitudes that can lead to you being involved in a rear-end collision:

  • The "Me First" Driver
  • The "Tailgater"
  • The "Lane Hopper"
  • The "Multitasker"
  • The "Road Rager"
  • The "Intimidator"


Have you seen a motorist dangerously trying to multitask on the road? Were they reading a newspaper? Eating while driving with their feet? Maybe even washing their hair? Tell us about it! The crazier the story, the better.

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