TakeTheTime_BannerCongratulations this year's Be Alert Bruins online driver safety quiz winners!

  1. Tracy Alberi
  2. Peter Maglieri
  3. Duy Dang

Please contact UCLA Transportation to pick up your new roadside emergency kit (a $50 value). You can also send us a message on our Facebook page. Thank you to all those who participated this year!

Our #PullOverAndDoThat social media contest winner is Charles Carter! He submitted a story about a motorist washing his hair while driving. How crazy is that?! Read it below, and thanks for sharing, Charles.

Remember, folks: Be Alert Bruins. Take the Time: Rear-End Collisions Can Happen in Seconds!

"The most memorable ‪#‎pulloveranddothat‬ thing I ever saw involving a driver was more of a 'Go Home and Do That' situation. Behind the wheel of our vanpool, heading home for the day, we had just transitioned from the northbound 405 to the westbound 101, near Sherman Oaks. Both freeways were congested and speeds at that point were under 20mph.

In front of us was the back of the head of a person with long hair driving a full-size pick-up truck with construction materials visible in the back. Suddenly, this person sticks there long hair (now tilted at an angle) out the driver's side window, with their right hand holding the steering wheel and their left hand holding a 1-gallon container of water. While continuing to drive, this person pours the water over their head, throws the empty container back into the truck and the next thing we know, they've applied what must have been shampoo to their head.

While still holding onto the steering wheel with their right hand and their head still out of the window, this person uses their 'free' hand to work the shampoo into their scalp. Said person then reaches back inside the truck, pulls out another 1-galloon water container, proceeds with a 'rinse cycle,' shakes their long wet hair like after a dog's been given a bath, and, finally, reaches inside for a towel to towel off with one hand. All this while they continue to drive down the freeway in front of us in the same lane. My fellow vanpool passenger sitting up front with me in the 'shotgun seat' and I were speechless!"