BAB BlogDistracted driving is a deadly behavior and consistently ranks as the number one traffic safety issue that concerns most drivers. A recent study showed that teen drivers were distracted almost a quarter of the time they were behind the wheel. Electronic devices, texting and reading emails, were among the biggest distractions.

BeAlertBruinsDistractedDriving_letterUCLA Transportation is kicking off National Distracted Driving Awareness month with its annual Be Alert Bruins driver safety campaign. This year’s campaign “Be in the Moment, Just Drive!” will focus on driver distraction, with an emphasis on cell phone use and texting. UCLA Fleet and Transit, UCLA Insurance and Risk Management, and UCLA Environment, Health & Safety are sponsoring this campus-wide awareness campaign, which will continue through the month of April.

“Be in the Moment, Just Drive!” will educate drivers about the dangers of driving distractions and how to avoid them while driving. “How important is a fleeting distraction when it could end in the death of someone, perhaps even one of your loved ones?”

Take a moment to assess your awareness level behind the wheel. Resist the temptation to engage in dangerous activities while you are driving. It only takes a few seconds of inattention to have a devastating outcome for you, other drivers and pedestrians. Please join us and pledge to be a responsible driver. Don’t let your phone have the last word…Be in the Moment and Just Drive!

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