Not intentionally seeking to embarrass Ayla, but here is a great portrait taken of her by UCLA Today. Source: UCLA Today

In case you missed it, UCLA's very own Ayla Stern was featured in LA Streetsblog the other day. Check out the interview here.

In her responses to Damien's questions, Ayla comes off as highly knowledgeable, passionate, and articulate. I'm so glad she is a representative on the city's Bicycle Advisory Committee. (Granted, I'm biased; I know Ayla personally.)

The logo for the Valley Bikery

I'd also like to highlight Ayla's involvement with the Valley Bikery, a non-profit that seeks to encourage cycling through its mobile bike clinics, community bike repair hours (Tuesdays 2-6 pm, Wednesdays 2-6pm, and thelLast Saturday of the month 1-5pm) at Valley Bicycles in Chatsworth, and group bike rides for beginners.

One day, I aspire to take my own dad to the Valley Bikery; he's got a brand new bike in a box just waiting to be assembled...