Alexis + her bike

This picture of Alexis Lantz is one illustration of what I mean when I say that I am a utility cyclist: Dress, Heels, Bike, Backpack. Alexis manages to look cool, and I look like a total dork, however. There are people like this in LA. We don't all wear Spandex and pedal shoes, although that is helpful sometimes too.

I'm at LA Street Summit with several current and former UCLA urban planning students at LA Trade Tech. Presently Carl Anthony of Breakthrough Communities is speaking. But later in the day, several current and former students will be speaking, including Herbie Huff '11; Alexis Lantz '10; David Pulsipher '08; Ryan Snyder; Dorothy Le BA '06; Diego Cardoso; Marcel Porras '07; and Allison Mannos '11. (Sorry if I left out your name). I'm also here with Carlos Morales '09 and Justin Nelson, a UCR PhD student and friend from the blogosphere.

LA Street Summit is like a religious experience for bike and pedestrian activists and planners.

I've already seen a presentation by Charlie Gandy, who spoke with the zealous fervor of a preacher who was a firm believer in the religion of non-motorized transportation, and just heard from a Lydia Avila-Hernandez of the East Los Angeles Community Corporation, who reminded us that the use of bikes, walking, and skateboarding were not just alternative transportation for everyone; it is often the only mode for many people.

According to the Twitterverse (#lastreetsummit), there are a lot of bike-blogger celebrities here. Okay, we're breaking for lunch and a photograph.

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