Congratulations to Kimberly D., Joanna W., Queenie M., Angie S. and Ken L.! They each shared a helpful green transportation tip that will be shared with all the new incoming Bruins this fall quarter. In addition to receiving two AMC Gold movie passes, their knowledge will help new students settle into UCLA and embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

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Free Campus Shuttles

Look up "BruinBus". There are shuttles that take you around campus on frequent schedules every day. You don't have to walk 30 minutes everywhere if you can use these buses. They take you from dorms to north campus, north to south campus and even campus to Westwood. I wish I knew about these earlier. It would've saved me tons of time.

-Kimberly D., Class of 2013, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences


I bike to Santa Monica three days a week for an internship. The easiest route is definitely to take Ohio west, then go on Santa Monica for a little bit until you can get on W. Ohio which turns into Broadway and takes you straight into the heart of Santa Monica. Happy biking!

- Joanna W., Class of 2013, Political Science

Getting to the Airport

The best way to get to and from LAX is to use the Culver City 6 bus. It stops right at the Ackerman terminal bus stop and the fare is only $1 one-way; these savings really add up over four years. Not only is it affordable for students, but it's also very convenient. It drops you off at the LAX Transit Center/Lot C (no transfers required) where you can board a free shuttle from the lot straight to your terminal. How easy is that? This is always my go-to way to get to LAX.

- Queenie M., Class of 2015, Electrical Engineering

The Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus

Buying a UCLA BruinGO! Flash Pass is by far the most affordable way to commute to and from UCLA if you live in the Palms/Culver city or West LA/Brentwood/Santa Monica area. For only $33 a quarter, you can take either the Culver City Bus or the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus as many times as you want, which is awesome for the daily commute to class or even the weekend trip to Downtown LA, Venice or Santa Monica Pier.

- Angie S., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology PhD student

Metro Rail Lines

The closest Metro rail line to campus is currently the Expo Line (take the Big Blue Bus 12 straight from campus). The Expo Line takes you by USC (boooo!), the Natural History Museum, the California Science Center, and then into downtown with the convention center and LA Live! Union Station for the rest of your train needs is just a short transfer away, too.

- Ken L., Class of 2013, Bioengineering


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I usually hop onto any of the Santa Monica Blue Buses to get to campus -- purchasing the quarterly FLASH PASS is a convenient way to ride the bus over summer, fall, winter or spring.  However, since the recent launch of the Bike Library at UCLA, I've been using a Felt Series bike ($45/quarter) that comes with a helmet, U-Lock, and lights. It's been the best option to zip through traffic and the best route from south of Santa Monica Blvd. to get to UCLA is via Glendon Ave. - trust me, it's worth it, the bike, the short cut, and the exercise!
Get a bicycle! While you may live on campus and walk to classes, your bike can make your LA experience so much better and expand the "Westwood bubble" easily, quickly, cheaply, and enjoyably!While many people worry that biking in LA is scary, consider these things:- biking on the sidewalk is legal in most parts of the city- you as a bicycle rider have the same rights as a car on the road- thousands of people do it everyday, very happily, all over the city- and when in doubt, remember you now live in one of the most bike-friendly-weather cities in the world!Lastly, I recommend for an affordable used bike; you don't need anything fancy nor specific to ride around the mostly-flat streets of LA. Then you can take advantage of UCLA's great bicycle resources, such as workshops at the Bike Shop, repair stations around campus, and a fantastic community of bike riders!
Living more than a mile from campus can make the commute to UCLA challenging without a car. Compared to taking the bus, bicycling is cheaper, more flexible, and more reliable. You'll hardly worry about commute traffic when you need to get to class or go back home!
The Santa Clarita Transit is super time-saving!  Plus I get so much more done being a passenger rather than being a driver!
Taking the commuter express is far more comfortable than other buses. It is still affordable and it makes very few stops along the way.
if you live within the area of ucla we have mta, blue bus, culver city bus, and the bruin bus. the BRUIN BUS, doesnt take out of the campus but close to westwood village. For those student who live out of campus.You  Should post in their fb that they wish to commute to school. Also you could  save time and  money.( by the way  the gas prices are rising) and on parkingpermits  and all could pitch in In $3-5 a day. just have  a person who is willing to commute or carpool.
Biking is fairly simple within Westwood. You can rent bikes at UCLA for a pretty reasonable price. Otherwise, the Campus Express and the Wilshire Center Express will take you to different places in Westwood.