Amtrak California has launched a new website that I think is a significant improvement over its predecessor.

Screenshot of Amtrak California's new website

Aesthetically, to my amateur eye, the site is very appealing. There is a spot for nearly everything: fares, fare sales, train arrival alerts, route information, and even the sale of Amtrak California paraphernalia.

The one thing that bothered me, however, was it was difficult to find information about the 20% discount available to students at UCLA. The 20% discount for UCLA students is different from the Student Advantage program (for which you must buy a membership in order to get discounts.) Intuitively, I reasoned the information should be available under "deals" or "fares". As it turned out, I had to visit directly to find information about the UCLA discount.

The Sacramento Business Journal notes that CalTrans, the government agency which manages Amtrak California, will be rolling out new features over time so hopefully the omission will be corrected in the future.