Earlier today, I received an outage notice which announced that people traveling to and around UCLA should anticipate street closures and detours stemming from the Day of Action March tomorrow evening, between 4:30 and 6:30PM.
The procession will be between the UCLA campus and Wilshire/Westwood. According to our traffic manager, Steve Rand, this is the approved route and may change.
From Bruin Plaza
  • sb Westwood to
  • wb Lindbrook to
  • sb Gayley to
  • eb Wilshire (may be linking up with contingent marching from downtown LA) to
  • nb Glendon to
  • wb Kinross to
  • nb Westwood to Bruin Plaza
However, tune into @uclacommute and other channels (especially @uclanewsroom and @dailybruin) to cull together the best information if you are concerned about getting out of campus during the afternoon commute.
CONTACT Stephen Rand
CONTACT INFO Preferred contact method: by Phone
(Phone: 50702)


Day of Action” Protest Activities

Various campus and Westwood Village locations

Throughout the day, protest activities are expected that may impact vehicular traffic. A march is scheduled to occur between 4:30pm and 6:30pm, impacting exiting from the south and west sides of campus. Streets, normally open to traffic, may be temporarily closed or directions of travel on campus and surrounding streets may be altered. Expect delays throughout the day and particularly for afternoon commutes. Please exercise caution when driving.

UC Police and Traffic Officers, as well as City of Los Angeles Officers, will be at key positions to mitigate traffic impacts. Signage and other traffic control equipment will also be utilized to redirect traffic as necessary.

Suggested alternate routes: Exiting UCLA from the south and west sides of campus between 4:30pm and 6:30pm is expected to be congested, but actual street conditions may change rapidly throughout the day. Exiting to the north, onto Sunset Boulevard, is already congested and delays in this area may be exacerbated if additional traffic attempts to use this exit.

To help determine your best exit route, please log onto www.trafficinfo.lacity.org. to see real-time traffic conditions for City streets, and www.sigalert.com for real-time freeway conditions. Please consider exiting the campus to the east, onto Hilgard Avenue.

If you also use freeways, consider entering the San Diego (405) Freeway at Santa Monica Boulevard, instead of Wilshire or Sunset Boulevards. For access to the Santa Monica (10) Freeway, consider using surface streets, exiting the campus to the east and then going south to enter the freeway at Overland and National Boulevards.