You might have passed the familiar sight of a Zipcar parked on campus and wondered, "How do I drive one of those?" If you don't have a car on campus, Zipcar can make those occasional trips that much easier. And if you do have a car on campus, you might want to say goodbye to your parking permit/gas refills/car payments/insurance coverage/maintenance fees and hello to a special discounted Zipcar membership!

Once you join, you'll receive a card that will be used to gain access to your car. After you reserve any of the several Zipcars on campus online, you can unlock the door of the car when you hold the card up to the windshield. There's no keys to find or lose and no extra steps to take between you and your car ride! Gas and insurance are always included. Parents, there's even special information just for you on Zipcar's website.

Have you tried Zipcar? What did you think?