The map to the left is a bird's eye view of Los Angeles' transportation system, courtesy of LA/2B. Click on the image to enlarge for (truly fascinating) details.

According to LA/2B, LA is home to the following:

  • 6,500 miles of public streets;
  • 4,000+ miles of bus service;
  • 73 miles of passenger rail service;
  • 352 miles bike lanes, paths, or routes;
  • 2,176 freeway lane miles; and
  • 7,591 main arterial lane miles.

The map shows how UCLA is bordered by rapid, express and local bus service along with some bike lanes and routes.

With such a complicated and extensive transportation system, it's easy to see how creating livable streets is on the minds of many Angelenos. Go to LA/2B's blog to find out more about this map and the history of LA's transportation system.

Have you participated in LA/2B? What has your experience like been so far?