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The challenges we face are complex and real. However, bright minds flourish in times of adversity through dialogue, innovation and creativity.

Although UCLA has also already made strides in transportation and sustainability, there is still much to do.

The UCLA campus boasts an employee drive alone rate of 53%, whereas the average drive alone rate for Los Angeles is 74%. The UCLA Climate Action Plan describes how UCLA will reduce green house gas emission levels to year 2000 levels by 2014 and year 1990 levels by 2020. Between 1990 and 2007, the UCLA campus grew in square footage nearly 34%. However, between 1990 and 2007, green house gasses related to commuters decreased nearly 27% through UCLA’s Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs.

On February 29, UCLA hosted Creating a Bikeable UCLA: A Vision for a Healthy and Vibrant Future. Bikeable UCLA was intended to be a discussion in order to address challenges bicyclists face on and off campus. Bicyclists are an integral component of any community. Communities that have a lot of bicyclists are healthy and vibrant places.  It’s great to see the different departments on campus work together along with representatives from the City of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Bicycle Advisory Committee and the Westwood Village Improvement Association in order to support  bicycling.

Anyone interested in improving bicycling is encouraged to continue the dialogue with friends, family, community members, etc. Every bicyclist can be an ambassador and make a difference by discussing the concerns with people inside and outside of the bicycle community. Bicyclist's rights to the road, health impacts related to walking and bicycling and issues related to bicycling safely are topics that can be discussed regularly.

Bikeable UCLA hopefully is a harbinger of improvements to come. In the near future, look for additional incentives for bicyclists through the UCLA Bruin Commuter Club , as well as continued bicycle parking, infrastructure and educational improvements on campus.


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The existing bikeways map layer is updated weekly as new bike infrastructure is installed. The bike plan map shows all the bikeways that the city is planning on installing over the next 20 years. UCLA cyclist can see what improvements are planned for commute routes to UCLA then contact their council member to let them know these routes should be a priority in the 20 year timeline.

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