We  are happy to announce the installation of a new self-service bike repair station on campus! Located at the southern entrance of the Strathmore Building on Westwood Plaza, the stand can be used to help repair almost any bicycle. Just hang your bike by the seat between the two angled bars (watch your head!) and use any of the attached tools to make minor fixes. The stand offers an easy-to-use tire pump, a philips and flathead screwdriver, various wrenches and a tire lever. Any and all bicyclists are invited to use the stand to make their repairs.

In addition to this repair station, we are also tentatively planning on installing additional stands by 100 Medical Plaza and the Kinross building within the next few months.

Although the UCLA bike library has already run out bicycles for the quarter, there's still a ton of opportunities to get your hands on one for fun or commuting purposes. Visit the Bike Shop right in the Wooden Center for short-term bike rentals and to learn more about bike safety and maintenance by enrolling in free classes. UCLA Recreation also has a great list of local bike shops where you can purchase a new set of wheels.

Also, keep your eye out for our upcoming Bike (re)cycling day--a unique opportunity for any cyclist to grab a used bike part for free! More details to come next week.