rainy_dayAs I shamelessly drove into work alone this rainy morning, I passed by a few daring green commuters.  Although I wasn't quick enough to capture the bicyclist wearing shorts and a baseball cap, I managed to grab a shot of the resourceful student (I assume) wearing a trash liner as a rain poncho.  This made me realize that I saw far fewer people walking, waiting for the bus and biking this morning.  Granted I recognize the increase in absenteeism on rainy days (I found parking only two stalls from the stairs), what do the green commuters do on the not-so-alternative-transportation-friendly days?  Do you just hop on your bike like any other day with your shorts and baseball cap?  Do you drop by your kitchen first and grab that trash bag and rip a hole in it for your head?  Do you just call in sick?  How do you handle the rainy day commute??