Did you ever think that an old bike could be recycled into a bottle opener or a coffee table? Check out these eight items that have been ingeniously created from old bicycle parts. Some might be great ideas for Father's Day presents, too.

1. Bottle opener

This bottle opener makes a perfect gift for someone who enjoys outdoor activities and an ice-cold bottled beverage on a sunny day. It's made from a sprocket and chain is not only practical, but also fun to play with. The flexible chain handle makes it handy and easy to fit in small pockets.

2. Business Card Holder

Recycled bike gear business card holder This business card holder made out of a bicycle gear will be a great addition to your desk at work. The vibrant color and interesting shape definitely adds a fun and energetic dynamic to your cards.

3. Antlers Recycled Urban Antlers How about antlers made from a saddle and a handlebar? This clever wall decoration makes a creative substitute for an actual set of antlers and gives a modern touch to your living room, too.

4. Garden Bench Recycled garden bench made from used bicycles Who would have guessed that this elegant-looking garden bench is actually made out of used tires and wheel rims? Not only does this bench look comfortable, its geometric shapes make it a piece of artwork itself.

5. Coffee Table Recycled bike coffee table Would you all agree with us that this coffee table goes perfectly with the garden bench above?

5. Serving Tray Recycled bike serving tray Impress your guests by serving them drinks and finger food on this fancy tray made from a wheel rim, bicycle gears and brake levers.

6. Clock Recycled bike clock There's no way that anyone can miss this eye-catching chain ring clock hanging on your wall. It also makes a bold statement that you are a bicycle lover.

7. Sofa bicycle seat furniture 2 zTRzu 58 What do you get when you put multiple saddles together? A sofa, of course! This sofa was created by Japanese designer Hiroshige Koike and is displayed at the Tokyo Design Festival to promote the benefits of a sustainable lifestyle.

8. Chandelier recycled bike chandelier Who would have guessed that this chandelier is made out of bicycle chains, gears and a wheel rim?

If you were to make something with used bicycle parts, what would it be? Leave us a comment and let us know your ideas. (The crazier, the better!)