When living in a small apartment in an urban city with limited space finding room for your bike and cycling equipment may be challenging. Leaving your bike outside opens the door for weather damage and/or theft. So, what are your options if you don’t have access to a garage, basement or storage space, and you don’t want to compromise the aesthetics of your space? These creative storage alternatives will allow you to store your bike safely inside, while making it a part of your décor.

  1. The Bike All by Board By Design


This handmade shelf lets you hang your bike by its saddle. Your bike will look as if it’s elegantly floating in the air. The Bike All also has a shelf with two hooks for your helmet and bag. In addition, you can place keys or decorations on the top shelf.

Photos courtesy of Board By Design

  1. The Bike Dock by Dave Custer


This metal rack holds your bike by the top of the frame. It also has hooks and a top shelf for additional storage space for your gear and accessories. One of the best features of the Bike Dock is that when your bike isn't hanging up, you can fold up the dock so it lays flat on the wall as a piece of art.

Photos courtesy of Dave Custer

  1. Two Bike Gravity Stand by Michelangelo


This simple, yet elegant metal rack doesn’t need any installation as it stands against the wall. The stand offers the convenience of storing two bikes simultaneously. The top and bottom racks are both adjustable allowing you to choose the height that works best for your space and bike.

Photos courtesy of Public Bikes & Design Hey

  1. Bike Rack and Clothes Hanger 'Trophy' Wall Decor by Furniply


Made of bike parts, this rack is a creative and innovative way to store your bike indoors. The soft handle grips hold and won’t scratch your frame, and the two hooks on each sides of the saddle will allow you to hang your accessories.

Photos courtesy of Furniply

  1. The (Original) Bike Shelf by Knife and Saw


This simple wood bike shelf is the first original award-winning bike shelf. To store your bike, just slide the top of your frame into the opening. For your convenience, you can place your all your accessories or decorations on top of the shelf.

Photos courtesy of Knife and Saw

  1. Statement Bike Rack by Statement goods

This small, barely noticeable, modern bike rack mount is designed to look like a piece of art when it is not in use. The artistic bicycle rack mounts to your wall and can hold up to 60 pounds. The stainless steel hardware is designed to have a cable-style bike lock pass through the top part, so that a bicycle can be locked into it. The bottom part is designed to clip your helmet or other accessories.

Photos courtesy of Statement goods

  1. Bookbike by BYografia


This unique shelving unit combines storage for books, accessories, decorations and of course, your bike. The clean and simple piece of furniture is perfect for all urban residents. The original and creative design makes the bike look like it is a part of the home decor. The adjustable hook, at the top, will allow you to modify the height so that your bike can fit properly.

Photos courtesy of Leveled Mag

  1. Leonardo Single Bike Storage Hook by Delta


With only two screws, you can install this simplistic and affordable wall hook. In addition, its convenient minimalist size and style make it easily unnoticeable while your bike is not hanging up, or you can always use it hang your coat, scarf or even your umbrella…

Photos courtesy of Public