Calling all gadget lovers! Long gone are the times when electronics and bikes had nothing to do with each other. If you want to invest a few dollars in your bike, these seven gadgets have the potential to make your daily bike commute safer and more enjoyable.

1. The Atom

Who doesn't know the following situation: You're at work and your phone is slowly running out of battery. You're upset because you forgot your charger at home. Well, how about you let your bike charge your phone for you? The atom is a small bicycle generator that virtually charges any electronic device via USB.

The atom

2. Bitlock

Bitlock is probably one of the coolest bike gadgets out there. It's a U-Lock that automatically unlocks when you approach your bike with your mobile phone. It also allows bikesharing with a select group of people. You can track down the location of your bike at any point over the Bitlock app. You'll never forget where you parked your bike again! The app also gives you an overview of your cycling behavior, how many miles you cycled and how much carbon dioxide you saved.



3. Bikespike

Bikespike is a device that looks like a regular bottle holder. And it can actually hold your bottle. So, what's exciting about that? Bikespike is a mobile GPS tracker. It constantly transmits a signal and alerts you in case your bike is moved, stolen or tampered with. It also detects crashes and alerts your loved ones for you.




4. Hovding Bike Helmet

We already featured the Hovding in our recent post about cool helmet designs, but we like it so much that we'll mention it again. The Hovding is basically an airbag for your head. If you're not a big fan of 'helmet hair', this gadget might be great for you. When you put on your Hovding, it looks like an inconspicuous black collar around your neck. In case of an accident, this helmet inflates to protect your head, and it's actually three times safer than a regular bike helmet.




5. The XFire Bike Lane Light

No bike lanes on your ride home? How about you bring your bike lane with you? This gadget is a bright red bike light, that marks a bicycle path around your bike. It's a great way to increase your visibility on your ride home at night.



6. SeeSense Bike Light

Here's another gadget that increases your visibility and safety when you're on the road. This bike light is actually intelligent. It reacts to the amount of light in your environment. It'll be brighter when you drive through a tunnel and dims automatically after you exit the tunnel. It also detects other light sources, like an approaching car, and flares up for increased visibility.



7. Loud Bicycle

Wouldn't you love to honk at reckless drivers who almost run you over? Loud Bicycle is just what the name promises. A horn for bikes that sounds just like a car horn - and it's just as loud, too!