What are some biking scenes from movies that were most memorable to you? We gathered some of our favorites, and found some valuable lessons that we can learn from them.
  1. Mr. Bean's Holiday: Always check for cars behind you when you change lanes. Drivers should also be courteous and share the road with cyclists.
  2. The Muppets: Keep your hands on the handlebar and brake levers at all times... ...or you might end up hanging on a tree like Kermit.
  3. Premium Rush: Helmet for extra protection... check! A sturdy bike lock... check! Appropriate biking attire... check check! Joseph Gordon Levitt nailed it on this one.
  4. E.T.: You'll experience some of your greatest adventures on a bike. It's everybody's dream to bike across the moon with an alien, no?
  5. 127 Hours: Put on your brakes and slow down when you bike downhill. This is a sound advice from James Franco.
  6. The Notebook: The more the merrier. It's always good to have friends to look out for you when you bike, but keep it to one person per bicycle please.