Is it a bike rack, or is it a piece of public art?

Why not both?

As an alternative to standard metal poles, creative bike rack designs add a lot more fun to the streets. We've gathered photos of some unusual but artistic bike rack designs that might leave you wondering whether you should attach your bicycle to it.

1. Comb Bike Rack

This giant comb bike rack designed and handcrafted by Knowhow Shop LA weighs over 400 pounds! The comb bike rack is currently located in Roanoke, VA to promote bike-friendliness.

2. Whisk Bike Rack

This oversized whisk bike rack is installed outside the Saint Cupcake store in Portland, OR. Now show us the oversized cupcake!

 3. The Microphone Rack

Designed by Franne Lee, Keith Harmon and Mac Hill of Nashville, this bike rack represents Nashville’s history as a communications, broadcasting and music center.

4. Car Bike Port


These car-shaped bike racks by Cyclehoop are designed to promote the benefits of bicycling over driving by illustrating how you can park 10 bicycles in a regular car parking space. These bike racks are located around the UK and in several cities in Europe.

5. Piano Urban Park Bench

Bench Bike RackCreative Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack

The Piano Urban Park Bench by ADDI is not only a minimalistic artwork, but it also functions as both a bike rack and a bench! This is perfect if you need to rest up from long bicycling trips.

If you ever come across an ambiguous infrastructure and needed some help with determining whether it's a bike rack or not, tweet it to us @UCLACommute. We'd be glad to help!