Happy 2017! Now that the chaos of 2016 is over, it's time to start planning ahead. Transportation is the biggest culprit of carbon pollution, so while we made some great progress last year, it's time to do more to go green and save our planet—starting with your commuting habits.

Here are some New Year's Resolutions you should commit to today.

  1. Two-Wheel It:  Commuting via bike will help you kill two resolutions with one act. By biking instead of driving to work just once a week, you'll save an average of 1,385 pounds of carbon dioxide annually! Plus, you'll shed some pounds and alleviate stress without that costly gym membership. And with our Earn-A-Bike program, you may be able to get a $400 bike FOR FREE.
  2. Use Public Transit:  Did you know that by riding the bus or train instead of driving your car, you can save an average of $9,343 a year? Think of the multiple vacations you can take! Plus, with UCLA Transportation's subsidized transit programs, you can save even more money, and maybe even get a free transit pass.
  3. Work Remotely:  If your job allows, ask your boss if you can work from work once in a while. Not only will you be able to kick back (and avoid traffic) while getting the job done, you'll reduce your car usage and contribute less pollution to the environment.
  4. Try Vanpool:  If more people knew about our Vanpool Program, more people would want to join. What's not to like? Skip driving in traffic? Check. Save money on gas, vehicle maintenance and insurance costs? Check. Sleep while you commute? Double check. Plus, we're giving away one month of vanpool for free!
  5. Offset Your Commute:  If for whatever reason, you can't walk, bike, telecommute, vanpool or take public transit, here's a way for you to still reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. With NativeEnergy carbon offsets, you can help sustain projects that reduce carbon dioxide. Estimate the amount of carbon dioxide your commute generates using this calculator and offset that amount by purchasing carbon offsets that support the construction of new carbon reducing projects. Easy peasy.