I have been researching options to replace the Nishiki mountain bike I left on a 720 bus during finals week (RIP to my bike).

In the long run, I’d like to get a road bike or a touring bike. However, a good quality road or touring bike starts at about $600, which is something I’m not ready to buy yet.

I spend a lot of time at UCLA as both a student and as an employee, so it occurred to me that I might want to look at other options besides a bike. After ruling out rollerblading and skateboarding, I decided to look into kick scooters some more.

A short list of adult kickscooter options I researched:

Right now, I’m leaning toward getting a Xootr, pronounced like Zoo-ter.

The Xootr is like a kick scooter for grown-ups. It has large wheels with solid polyurethane tires and a platform that is large enough for adults to rest both their feet at the same time. There are three material options for the platform: wood, magnesium, and aluminum. Xootrs start at about $200, not including accessories such as a strap, bag, and fender.

I could also get a wire basket to increase the Xootr's utility, like I saw in this one Flickr photo :

I have been eyeing the Xootr for about two years, ever since I read a story about this guy who lives in NYC and uses his Xootr for the Last Mile of his commute between a commuter rail station and his office in a suburban office park.

Since moving to LA, I’ve seen a few Xootrs on campus. Recently, while I was on my bike, I saw a student come out of his frat house with a Xootr on Gayley Ave. While at a stop light, I asked the student what he thought of his Xootr.

The guy hollered back, “I love it!” The light turned green and he Xootr’ed away.

There’s a store that sells Xootrs down in Torrance, so I might borrow Juancar or post a ride on Zimride to go check this out. I’ll definitely have to keep everyone posted on what I end up deciding to do!

--Sirinya The Intern