Dear BAGC readers,

I write with some news. Today is my last day with UCLA Transportation. Thus, it is also my last day as your venerable head editor of the Be a Green Commuter Blog.

I'm moving on to a position at the UCLA Fund, which is 0.4 miles from UCLA Transportation. (Readers, you'll be pleased to learn that I've already checked to see that there is bicycle parking beneath Wilshire Center.)  Anyway, this  should be an interesting career transition for me, as I am trained as an urban planner. Furthermore, outside of my BAGC duties, I also do Transportation Demand Management operations project management. (Is that a mouthful or what?)

I will miss writing for you, since you know that I am simply passionate about transportation and green commuting, as evinced by this photograph of me hugging a Xootr box:

Sirinya hugging a Xootr for real.

But I leave you in the capable hands of Brent Pantell, our graphic designer/Renaissance man. It was Brent who originally created the blog in 2008. The blog's content and direction will likely change to reflect Brent's interests and expertise. However, the mission of the blog -- to disseminate information about our department and to develop a community of green commuters at UCLA -- will remain unchanged.

I wish you well in your green commutes!