Bike theft is not an uncommon crime, but there are certainly ways to reduce the risk of having your bike or bike parts from getting stolen in public. Having a reliable bike lock is one of the best approaches (using a U-Lock, cable lock and seat lock can work well), and new designs seem to come out every week! Check out these new ideas and let us know what you think.

The InterLock

Currently on Kickstarter, the InterLock is an integrated lock that consists of two retractable cables that are tucked inside your seat post. When you need to lock your bike, simply pull out the 20-inch cables, and run them through the frame, rear wheel and around the post. With the InterLock, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring your cable with you or having to carry one around.

Saddle Lock

The Saddle Lock provides a quick way to lock your rear wheel without using any additional device but your bike seat! To lock your real wheel and bike seat, push the seat post backwards into a locking position, and set a pass code which is located on the seat. It's just a concept for now, but a fun idea to consider.

TiGr Lock

A successful project that started on Kickstarter, the TiGr Lock is a great lock if you are looking for style and security. Made completely out of titanium, the strength of this lock makes it difficult for thieves to cut through or hammer. You can lock both your front and rear wheels to a post with this titanium bow, and even lock two bikes together if needed. For easy storage, the TiGr Lock is also designed to wrap elegantly around the top tube of your bike.

What do you think of these innovative designs? Share your thoughts with us!