This is an example of a separated bike path in Paris, France. Photo by Let Ideas Compete/Flickr.

  • LA Streetsblog published an Action Alert, calling on readers to sign a petition to get Santa Monica Big Blue Bus on Google Transit. (Note: The petition's author is my fiance...)
  • Beverly Hills may cease to be a huge black hole in the Westside bicycle network, according to the blog Examined Spoke. Santa Monica Boulevard through Beverly Hills is due for a $12 million dollar makeover. BH city council members, such as Nancy Krasne, are advocating for the inclusion of bike infrastructure, potentially a separated bike path, on that street.
  • Kevin Roderick of LA Observed blogs that it appears that the Wilshire on and off-ramps for the 405 are being built as flyovers. This, he suggests, could alleviate congestion up to the Santa Monica line.
  • Matt Barrett, the head Metro Librarian, wrote this lovely tribute to the city's 104 years of owl service. Did you know that the Line 20 (Wilshire) has owl service on 30-minute headways?