UCLA Bicycle Network app, brought to you by Kyle Woodward, PhD student.

Hey Bruins, looking to find out the availability of campus bike lockers on the go? You can now do so with the release of the UCLA Bicycle Parking app for Android phones.

Developed by Kyle Woodward, a Ph.D candidate in Economics, the application lists the locations of the campus' bike lockers (Structure 2, 5, 7 and CHS). The green dots on the left indicate the number of vacant lockers, while the red dots on the right signify the number of occupied lockers.

Oops, I forgot to hit the "Refresh Data" button at the bottom of the screen in order to get the latest occupancy/vacancy data. But I swear, it works!

There is a "Refresh Data" button on the bottom of the screen, which I have to press whenever I open the app.

I had no problem locating the app in the Android market by entering UCLA + Bicycle into the search function.

Kyle tells me that his app pulls occupancy data that the Bicycle Parking Network, the company that oversees the lockers, makes available online. The app, in turn, reformats the data to make it more accessible to fellow cyclists.

Users still have to register with the Bicycle Parking Network website to reserve a locker. The user registration fee is $5.95 per year. The bike lockers themselves are currently free to use.

Edit: Just to clarify, the app was created by Kyle, and not UCLA Transportation. He did a great job, too!