We all know the health benefits of walking. It’s been hammered into us (hopefully!) again and again. You can lose weight. It helps you clear your mind and de-stress. It increases overall happiness and well-being. We know. That’s why I love walking. And if you love walking as much as I do, you also know that sometimes the best routes can’t be found using Google Maps. It’s a trial-and-error kind of thing. You take a spontaneous left somewhere and end up standing against the most beautiful backdrop you never would have found otherwise.

But I’ve cut some corners for you. There’s no need to go trekking out alone. I stumbled upon some of the best walking routes around the UCLA area, courtesy of a list compiled by UCLA Recreation, and have done you a solid by listing them here.

What’s more, UCLA Newsroom’s Cynthia Lee put together this awesome little list of “17 places you won’t see on the official UCLA campus tour.” So while you’re all out there taking the UCLA campus by foot, be sure to stop, smell the roses and take a gander at some of these lesser-known landmarks.

Now back to that list of walking routes:

UCLA Campus and UCLA Medical Center

  1. Westwood Park
  2. Botanical Gardens
    Route 1 |  Route 2
  3. North Campus
  4. North West Campus
  5. Sculpture Garden
  6. South Campus
  7. Wilshire Blvd
  8. Veteran Ave
  9. Wilson Plaza
  10. Charles E. Young Drive
    East Route |  North Route
  11. Hilgard Ave

UCLA Residence Hall and Guest House

  1. De Neve/Dykstra
    Route 1 |  Route 2
  2. Hedrick/Rieber
    Route 1 |  Route 2
  3. Sproul/Covel
    Route 1 |  Route 2
  4. UCLA Guest House
    Route 1 |  Route 2

Santa Monica Medical Center and LAX Walking Routes

  1. Santa Monica Medical Center
    Route 1 |  Route 2
  2. LAX