As many Be A Green Commuter regular blog readers know, the subway is one of my dearest loves. I grew up in LA near a future subway station (Beverly/Vermont) and one of my regrets is that my parents didn't have the foresight to buy real estate near a subway station.

... then, but now it's all I feel

Subway train going through Universal City Station. Parents, we could've bought real estate here at a very competitive price in the mid-90s. Credits: NoIdentity/Flickr.

But my boyfriend likes to tell me that it isn't too late: that we helped pass Measure R, which guaranteed funding for a Westside Subway Extension, and that if the feds get behind Mayor Villaraigosa's 30/10 concept, we might see a subway extension to Westwood by 2017 instead of 2036 as prescribed under the Long Range Transportation Plan approved by Metro last fall.

Folks, that's only seven years from now. I might even be wearing the same pants size then.

Something magical happened last Friday: Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood signaled his support for 30/10. (Link to Letter.)

Senator Barbara Boxer also announced that the subway extension will be evaluated for federal funding (called New Starts) in its entirety instead of in thirds, as previously assumed. Zev Yaroslavsky's blog explains why this is important:

The line’s cost-effectiveness—the number of riders and how much time they’ll save measured against the cost of the project—is more compelling with the inclusion of the Westwood station (my emphasis added), which is projected to have between 11,000 and 14,000 boardings a day. And that could provide a competitive edge when it comes to obtaining the federal funding that will be necessary to complete the project.

So yes, the subway more than lives another day. It lives ON. Call it a boondoggle, call it whatever you want, but it is HAPPENING. Hallelujah!