UCLA Mode Split Pie Chart

The fascinating pie charts above show a breakdown of the most recent data on how UCLA employees commute to campus compared to LA overall (please click to enlarge for details). One of the more interesting pieces of information is the big gray wedge on the employee chart on the left: over half of all UCLA employees drive alone when they commute to UCLA.

On one hand, this number seems very high. It is, after all, the largest proportion of commuters by far. Despite readily available alternative options, 52.9% of employees each take a multitude of single occupancy vehicles (SOV) out on the road twice a day, Monday through Friday.

On the other hand, it's clear that a very large group of UCLA employees take advantage of a wide variety of alternative transportation offerings, including public transit and the long forgotten mode--walking. It is wonderful to see how so many commuters take advantage of environmentally friendly commute options. Comparing this data to Los Angeles overall helps put everything in perspective even more. UCLA employees are way ahead of the pack city-wide in almost all alternative transportation categories!

A great big thank you to those 47.1% of UCLA employees who help the environment and ease traffic by deciding to go green! And help us take the "alternative" out of alternative transportation by shrinking the Drive Alone pie wedge to less than 50%.