Lots of foodchris park braves the rainCyclists check out swagUCLA Bike to Campus WeekLight tune-ups at UCLA pit stopSirinya hugs Xootr box
Cyclists check out Bike to Campus 2011 t-shirtsMatthew talks to a cyclistMatthewBike improvements mapBiccle copBike repair
Bicycle copInformative postersInformative postersJumy and Bike to Campus Week goodiesBikeToCampus_Finale_0030BikeToCampus_Finale_0023
BikeToCampus_Finale_0022Nice bike!UCLA Transportation staffUCLA Transportation staffStudent CyclistStudent cyclist

2011 Bike to Campus Week, a set on Flickr.

Pictures from Bike to Campus Week 2011.

Via Flickr:
Bike to Campus Week is an annual event that occurs every May, in conjunction with National Bike Month. UCLA Transportation sponsors three pit stops. In 2011, we held pit stops at Westwood/LeConte, the Dental School breezeway, and Ackerman Terminal.