Crowded BruinWalk

1. We’ve helped make UCLA traffic shrink while the campus has grown

Since 1990, traffic volume at UCLA has decreased by approximately 23%. This is even more impressive when you learn that during this time UCLA’s square footage of developed space increased by approximately 40% and the daytime campus population grew by more than 15,000 people-a gain of over 30%. This accomplishment is due to the growth of our alternative transportation programs along with increased on-campus student housing.



2. We’ve got something to celebrate!

Celebrating 30 years of sustainable transportation programs this year, our UCLA Vanpool Program started it all off when the first four vans were placed into service in time to help mitigate traffic for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Summer Games.


Share the Road

3. We’re a designated Bicycle Friendly University

In the past eight years since our UCLA Bicycle Master Plan was published, bike commuting to campus has more than tripled, rising from 800 cyclists a day to more than 2,500 a day.




4. We’re all on board supporting public transit to UCLA/Westwood Village

There are 488 public transit buses on campus daily. We subsidize them all!



5. Our fleet’s cleaner and growing greener

Currently, 41 percent of all our UCLA fleet vehicles are alternative fuel vehicles (AFV), mostly electric and compressed natural gas (CNG), with a smattering of fuel cells.



6. What we do can be considered “tank-less” but we’re OK with that

In 2013, UCLA commuters coming to campus by public transit, carpool, vanpool, and bicycle or walking, as a whole, saved enough gas to fill 141 gasoline tanker trucks holding 9,000 gallons each.



7. We keep UCLA moving

BruinBus shuttles carry 1.3 million people a year.



8. We’re in sync with the city

Nearly all campus traffic signals are connected to the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC) system, the centralized traffic control center for the City of Los Angeles, providing real-time monitoring and adjustment of signal timing for nearly 4,400 signalized intersections citywide.



9. We count

We voluntarily maintain a limit on campus-wide average daily vehicle trips, verified through an annual week-long UCLA Cordon Count of all vehicles entering and exiting UCLA’s Main and Southwest Campus. The count occurs at 22 vehicular access points, from ‘detectors’ embedded within the pavement.



10. Our programs produce concrete results

Currently, our alternative transportation programs result in over 5,600 daily vehicle commute round-trips avoided, which is equal to an 18-mile long line of cars stacked end to end.



11. We prefer dry cleaning

Our Parking Services uses an environmentally-friendly powder-based product to safely decompose, without water, petroleum-based stains left by vehicles parked in UCLA parking structures, a process that reduces campus water use.



12. We help Bruins go with public transit

BruinGO! was the first university transit subsidy program in the country to use a school’s photo ID card to “board, swipe and go” on buses to pay for a subsidized ride.