Halloween is right around the corner! If you're a bike enthusiast who still hasn't decided on what you're going to be this year, we've got some tricks and treats for you. These bike-friendly costumes are equal parts creative and hilarious.

  1. Gallop your way through the streets.ride-katie-ride 
  1. One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.Bike_Halloween_3

Source: TotalWomensCycling.com 

  1. The Headless Horseman goes green.bike-cycling-halloween-ideas-2

Source: TotalWomensCycling.com 

  1. Now this is how you drive a car!car 
  1. What's a witch without a broom?

Source: Gizmodo

  1. And of course, there’s this classice.t.bike

Source: theme-me

  1. And this classic. peeweebike

Source: BikeNYC

  1. And this freaky Jigsaw nightmare. jigsawbike

Source: theme-me

  1. This impeccable design work. camelbike

Source: PUBLIC bikes

  1. This time-honored chase. pacman

Source: Hope/Glory Blog

  1. And this eternal friend.  skeleton

Source: Jennifer Miller