1. Perform in a marching band, complete with choreography.

2. Move bricks. Lots of them.


3. Cross a river (you can rent hydrobikes in Long Beach, if you'd like to try them out).


4. Wash your clothes.


5. Make breakfast (here's how to convert your bike into a smoothie-making machine for just $25).


6. Dance with your friends! Check out the Bay Area Derailleurs:

7. Draw. The Chalktrail attaches to children's bikes and lets them leave colorful lines of chalk behind them as they ride.


8. Play a full sized piano, sing, and ride a bike at the same time. Now that's multitasking!

9. Go camping. This tiny bike camper fits a twin bed, a 19″ flat-screen television and an electric kettle.


10. Watch a movie. Last summer, the LA River Revitalization Corporation showed outdoor movies at a bike-in theater.