Would you like to ride a train in Super Mario Land? Or travel on the Parisian Metro of the 1920s? Futuristic, artsy, funny or geeky, there’s a transit map for every taste in our collection of the world’s ten coolest transit maps!

1. If you’ve traveled on the New York subway system before, you’ll love this pink version of the original:

Cool pink map of NYC subway

Cool pink map of NYC subway

2. Here’s an example of a great transit system – way to go, Tokyo:


3. Here’s how public transit would probably look in Super Mario Land:


4. In Hong Kong, which has the largest public transport system in the world, 90% of all traveling is done via public transit!

Hong Kong transit map

5. We’re not quite there yet, but wouldn’t it be great to travel across the country on a high speed train?


6. The LA subway system is work in progress. Here’s how it could look in 2040:

LA Metro future

7. Paris is beautiful – and so is this 1920s Parisian subway map:

8. As a joke, artists redesigned subway routes as concentric circles – and received seriously positive feedback! Maybe this approach could actually work?

New York City subway map

9. Here’s an artsy interpretation of London’s underground:

10. If you feel like the world is your oyster, this subway map might be for you:

On which of these transit systems would you like to catch a ride? What does the public transit system of your dreams look like?