Biking to work doesn't necessarily have to involve spandex clothing. Here's a collection of pretty, bike-friendly business casual outfits.

1. Pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are a staple of womens' business outfits. This skirt by Betabrand is particularly interesting, as it has two built-in zippers that, when unzipped,  allow for a wider range of movement while cycling. If you prefer a regular skirt, look for stretchy fabrics so that it's comfortable to cycle in. Dress it down with a T-shirt and scarf for a business casual look.

pencil skirt


2. Black pants

Look for a pair of good quality black pants. Make sure they have a high percentage of elastic materials like spandex and rayon. This will allow you to be comfortable throughout the day (On your bike, as well as the office). Pants like this one are a key piece of every woman's business wardrobe and can be combined with pretty much anything.

dress yoga pants


3.  A-Line skirt

A skirt like this one is great for cycling. It's not too short or too long, and the A-line cut prevents the skirt from riding up your leg while you're on the bike. You can combine this skirt with a colorful cardigan and a belt for a fun and feminine  business outfit.

a line skirt


4. Wrap dress

Other than pajamas and snuggies, wrap dresses are possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing you can wear. It's flattering for pretty much each body shape and works perfectly for a business casual outfit. On a bike, the skirt might tend to reveal a bit more leg than you would like. Use a safety pin in the seam of your skirt to prevent the dress from opening too much.

Gemma wrap dress - Vibrant purple


5. Harem pants

Harem pants are great for biking. They're wide around the thighs, so you can move freely. They're tight at the ankle, which prevents your pants from getting caught in your bike chain. Dress them up with a blazer and heels for a cool, business casual look.



6. Jeans and boots

Look for a timeless pair of brown or black boots with a moderate heel. The shaft should be tight enough to look flattering on your leg, but wide enough for you to tug in your jeans. Combine your boots with a pair of classic, stretchy jeans. Dark blue or black work best for the office. Combine with a crisp, white blouse and blazer for a classic look, or a colorful sweater for a more youthful twist.


7. Knit blazer

If you find regular blazers too uncomfortable on a bike, this might be a great option for you. The blazer is made of a soft, sweater-like material and allows you to move freely. Combine it with colorful denim pants and ballet flats to complete your look.



8. Scarf

Find a cool scarf to personalize any outfit. On colder days, the scarf really helps on drafty bike rides. It's also great at the office if your air conditioning is turned down to arctic temperatures. Betabrand offers cool scarves that reflect light for increased visibility at night.



9. Reflective accessories

Being visible in traffic is key to a safe bike commute. There are many different options out there how you can increase your visibility without sacrificing style. Look for feminine accessories like bracelets or pins with reflective properties. Vespertine offers a cute collection of reflective clothing and accessories.


10. Patterned blouse

On warmer days, you can easliy break a sweat on your bike commute. Patterned fabrics can easily hide sweat stains, so they're a good choice in the summer. Combine your patterned blouse or tunic with khaki pants. If you're wearing a colorful blouse, opt for a more neutral bottom to balance the outfit. In general, you might want to store a few pieces of clean clothing at the office, as well as wet wipes and a deodorant.