While riding a bike, it is vital to be safe and visible, especially when riding at night, but who says that you can’t do so in style? Here is a list of 10 cool and fashionable reflective items to wear on your bike ride:

1-   Rapha Hi-Vis Fitted Cycling Gilet

rapha-man rapha-woman

Every decade, fashion evolves offering new and trendy items. Today, we no longer have to wear those unflattering, oversized yellow and gray striped jackets to be visible in the dark. Luckily, it has become very easy to find fashionable, flattering and warm jackets suited for every budget. Stay safe in style by acquiring one of the many reflective jackets from Rapha.

Price: The gilets shown above start at $175, however, many websites offer options that are more budget friendly.

2-   Reflective Pants Clip

pants clip

Forget your stretched hair tie, these bicycle reflective pants clip easily wrap around your pants’ cuffs to keep them safe from ripping into your chain.

Price: $25

3-   Reflective Bike Decals


If you want to “bling” out your bike, these reflective bike decals are perfect for you! Ranging anywhere from discreet stickers to massive peel offs, these fun and easy to install decals will satisfy every taste.

Price: Starting at $1


4-   Panther Vision Neon LED Structured Cap


To see what’s ahead, try the Powerhat LED Lighted Safety Hat. The cap combines patent pending Ultra Bright LED technology with an ANSI rated yellow safety ball cap to provide you with the perfect hands free flashlight. The yellow microfiber hat has a reflective grey trim to make you visible from all angles.

Price: $17.99

5-   Reflective Tassel


This tassel made of 3M reflective material will allow every stylish cyclist to be seen miles away. The 3-inch long accessory can be attached to your key chain, backpack or even belt. This little fashion item will make you the talk of the campus!

Price: $16

6-   Lightning Vest

vesnet t vesnet 2

The Lightning Vest is a hand-netted, highly visible safety vest made from 3M reflective material. It can be worn by layering it over any article of clothing including, jackets or t-shirts. The Lightning Vest is made of very strong fabric, it is lightweight and compact enough to fit in your pocket, making it easily accessible for your nighttime commute.

Price: $138

7-   Reflective Bike Helmet Bow

bow bow2

In the last couple of years bows have made a comeback. Don’t leave your helmet naked, and try OneTwoThreeSpeed’s Reflective Bike Bow! The handmade accessory can be placed on the back of your helmet so that you can be practical, safe and of course cute! See your banal helmet transform into a trendy must have.

Price: $18

8-   Miss Bobbin Reflective Cycling Sash

miss-bobbin-reflective-cycling-sash[1] miss-bobbin-reflective-cycling-sash-1821[1]

Move over beauty queens! The sash is no longer only reserved for pageants. Miss Bobbin Reflective Cycling Sash is a light-weight and easy to wear safety item. It is very convenient as you can easily store it in your bag, and use it as soon as the night falls. It can be worn both in the summer and winter over a t-shirt or a jacket.

Price: $38.55


9-   Overshoes with Reflective Straps

georgia-dublin-leggits-3-colours-1306[1] overshoes

Are you tired of getting your shoes wet when biking in the rain? The Georgia in Dublin Leggits are waterproof overshoes with reflective straps and rubber toe soles that will protect your shoes, and the bottom of your pants. The protectors have three reflective straps to allow you to be seen in the dark.

Price: $77

10-               Lflect Iron-on Motives

lflect-iron-motives[2]lflect-iron-motives_1[1]reflective socks

Lflect Iron-on Motives are a fun way to safely customize your clothes. Armed with your iron, you can make all your clothes reflective. Have fun, and create your own unique garments!

Price: $14