1. A wearable piece of art (Belle Helmets)

bellehelmetsEvery Belle Helmet is a piece of art. Whether you're a science geek, foodie, or Super Mario Bros. fan, there's a helmet just for you. All Belle Helmets are made to order and ASTM & CPSC certified for safety. They also do special requests!


2. The $1.50 paper bike helmet


This paper helmet is the perfect pairing for all the bike share programs popping up nationwide. Disposable, recyclable and cheap, the paper helmet has passed safety tests at the Imperial College London, and its creators are "confident that it meets European cycle helmet standards." It's even water resistant for up to 6 hours in rain!


3. The Invisible Bike Helmet (HÖVDING)


The Hovding is a portable and wearable air bag for your bike rides. Riders wear it like a scarf that zips around their necks. The air bag automatically inflates upon impact: "The inflated airbag covers a much larger area than a traditional cycle helmet and is designed according to current accident statistics. The protection is greatest where it is needed most and the airbag provides extremely soft and gentle shock absorption."


4. Trendy and colorful Nutcase Helmets


Check out the colorful and snazzy helmets designed by Nutcase. They offer everything from pink leopard prints to turtle shell patterns and polka dots. Our favorite is the 8 ball. Which is yours?


5. The helmet in disguise (YAKKAY)


At first glance, the YAKKAY helmet looks like a fashionable fedora or baseball cap (although the straps under your chin might give you away). Yakkay provides various covers to give your helmet a personalized look that you can match to your outfit.


6. The helmet and light in one (Torch)


The Torch Bicycle Helmet looks sleek in the daytime and comes equipped with front and rear lights for riding after dark. It uses ten integrated LED lights that run up to 12 hours on one charge (rechargeable batteries with USB charging cable are included). There's even four different light settings that allow you to set the front and back lights to steady or flashing.


7. The sleek and aerodynamic Tempor


The Tempor is the result of cutting edge aerodynamic research and development. Designed for serious racers, this helmet provides both safety and speed by "leading the air through the helmet and past the shoulders" all while providing ample ventilation.


8. The foldable bike helmet (Closca)


Funded on Kickstarter, the Closca flattens to a backpack or purse-friendly shape for easy storage and portability while still meeting US safety standards. Its interchangeable covers lets you match your helmet to your outfit, and you can also order a custom design.


9. The classic (yet stylish) bern helmet


The popular bern bicycle helmets are well-loved for a reason: Their simple designs and colors show off your trendy-yet-understated side. Thin and light, the bern helmet also comes in sizes and designs especially for women.


 10. The sleek Giro helmet


Inspired by vintage race cars, the Giro helmet has a simple yet luxrious design. It features a lining made of the same ultra suede you can find in luxury vehicles, aluminum sides and high-performance ventilation.